Thursday, August 29, 2013


The sacred ceremony of joining two people in Holy matrimony has been a tradition around the nation for centuries, and will forever be an important part of the human experience.  There are thousands of details that surround a wedding including color schemes, dresses, flowers and location, just to name a few.  The details can be a direct reflection of taste and preferences.  As I was searching the internet for blogs about weddings, the possibilities were endless.  Links to bakeries, bridal stores and vendors filled every inch of each blog, giving future brides many choices and options.  I have a slight obsession with everything that has to do with weddings so this was the obvious choice for my topic!  Here are the three blogs that I searched:

Style Me Pretty
Green Wedding Shoes
100 Layer Cake

Each blog has a very simple design, making each link and page not so overwhelming to look at.  A bride can have a lot of stress on her, and the design of the websites created a calming sensation and a relaxed feeling.  The layout of the website was also very simple, making navigation around the site very easy and stress-free.  I think that this is a very important aspect for a blogger to take into consideration when created their blog.  In order for a blogger to have an audience, they need to create a website that is simple to use and specific.  If there are confusing directions or no organization, a computer user is not going to want to return to the blog or website.

Each wedding blog provided links at the very top of the page with links that navigated around the website to specific topics such as "Real Weddings", honeymoon destinations and activities and "DIY Projects."  These links are one of the most important components to have, especially for a wedding blog.  Each link led to more sections of the blog that provided access to all types of themes that would be useful to all types of brides and ideas.  It is important to target a more diverse audience than a more specific and concentrated one in order to increase the amount of usage that a person could use your website.  My favorite link came from the "Style Me Pretty" blog under the tab of "Real Weddings".  This link provided access to real weddings of all different themes, size and budget.  This page provides a wide variety of options for every type of bride.

Surprisingly, each blog was set up in a very similar way and provided a lot of the same information and ideas.  These blogs only further contributed to my obsession and I think would provide a future bride with a lot of imperative information that will jump start their planning. 

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