Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage Fashion Blog Analysis

I decided to take a look at vintage fashion blogs. As many of you I'm sure have noticed or perhaps participated in, vintage fashion is making a comeback. In fact, vintage in general is. I am fascinated by the fact that the styles that many were ashamed to once wear, are now what people hunt thrift shops for.

As I looked through various blogs, I noticed that many of them were very simple. The colors that they used for borders and texts were bland, mostly soft pastels, very similar to that of the old styles they were portraying. Some of them, also had pictures displayed in black and white. Many of the headlines were bold, which stayed to true to vintage fashion. Often, fashion used to be soft or neutral colors paired with something bold, which we see frequently in the fashion featured on this blog. The headlines were also old-fashioned, which is only fitting for such a blog. The text and pictures that were featured at the top of the pages, and within them also, were not bold or modern. Only one blog, Sally Jane Vintage, used a bolder headline but complimented it with floral print, which was just the right touch of vintage to bring her blog together. Because these are fashion based blogs, for the most part they were mostly picture blogs. Diary of a Vintage Girl was mostly focused on text and not so much fashion, but the layout was also simple. I also noticed that many of them were well organized, not crowded, and not over whelming. When I'm looking at fashion, I want to see the pictures only. Because they did not use heavy background colors or borders, they focused the attention on the actual pictures.

The writing styles were hard to compare, since some had a lot more text than others. Many of the writing styles were very personal. Many of the bloggers used their own pictures, whether it was of fashion, places, or things. The writing style was as if the person was talking directly to you. It was not as informative as you would think a fashion blog would be. It wasn't necessarily fashion advice, it was just simple pictures and bloggers reflections.

I liked how the blogs were set up for the most part. It would have been nice to be more informed on some of the fashion that was displayed. They mentioned sometimes what designer they were made by, what year the style became popular, but didn't really explain how to get the desired fashion, where the clothes could be bought, and so forth. Many of them, as I said, were reflections which I feel like many people aren't looking for when they are trying to find out how to get the look.

If I chose a blog to read regularly, it would probably be Vixen Vintage. I liked that she had a bit of fashion and a bit of vintage photography as well. There was more pictures than text, but I almost prefer it that way. If you're going to have text, it should be informative. If you're not going to make it informative, I'd rather not have the text at all and let the images guide me into the style I'm looking for. I also found the fashion on that one not quite as outrageous as some of the other blogs. Many of the models were wearing clothes that I would actually wear, unlike some of the others.

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