Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inspiring the Image- Blog Analysis

The world of photography is an expansive universe. From nature to wedding photography, there are no limitations upon what can and cannot be photographed. Frequently photographers choose to specialize in an area- finessing the skills required to succeed in that specific area throughout their lifetime. A person in general, much less a photographer, never stops growing and learning; no matter what the subject may be about. Therefore, many photographers have blogs in order to share their work with the world and to inspire other aspiring or professional photographers within their field. 

As a free-lane wedding photographer during the summer, I searched for three blogs that truly capture the essence of what it is to be a wedding photographer and work that exemplified such. 

Each wedding blog surprisingly had a similar layout; a logo in left upper-hand corner and several tabs following on the right-hand side of the screen. A very basic design, but one that is clean and appealing to the eye of a viewer. There is nothing worse than being overwhelmed by a screen of words and pictures that have absolutely no direction. As primarily photo-based blogs, the main goal of the design should be to enhance the pictures as much as possible. Fearless Photographers have done a beautiful job with that. The blog prides itself on “wow” pictures and they execute that idea well. However, there is not much else happening writing wise throughout this blog. Within Melissa Jill Photography and Modern Wedding Photography, there is a pleasant balance between the amount of image and words within the blog. The viewer is not forced to stare at one thing or another, but to take each variable within the blog into account.

Melissa Jill Photography was a personal favorite to look through regarding writing style. The blog displays various photographs but then goes onto tell the viewer how these photos were taken and considerations to keep in mind. The style is casual and easy to comprehend, without including too many technicalities that might scare an amateur away. For a photographer, this blog is ideal! However, if the viewer is a bride or a groom looking for a wedding photographer, this may not be the case. They might be looking for something more like the Modern Wedding Photography blog. From this blog, a viewer can either attain inspiration for what they want their own wedding photographer to recreate or they can search for a photographer that fits their personal needs. What I really found enjoyable about the writing in this blog was being able to get a glimpse into the stories of the people within the pictures. A small blurb sharing details about the bride and groom and facts about the wedding itself is always included alongside the various pictures. This gives the viewer a sense of personalization and reassurance that their wedding photographer truly cares about their day. Whereas, Fearless Photographers is all about style and making an impact on their viewers. There is not much writing, but a whole lot of pictures! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but can be confusing to a viewer in regards to what they’re looking at. 

All three wedding photography blogs are different, but also have strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I would choose to read Melissa Jill Photography only because of its relevance to what I do. However, if I were somebody with a budding interest in photography, I may find myself looking through Fearless Photography. If I were searching for photographers as a bride, I would probably end up at Modern Wedding Photography. The photography world is so large that there is a never-ending supply of blogs to search through. There is something for everyone within each of these blogs and I find that is the greatest strength within them all. 

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