Thursday, November 14, 2013

Martonis Chapter Four

The majority of the information in the chapter on multimodality was already known to me.  I did find the section of how Western cultures read interesting and useful.  I did not consciously recognize that given information was on the left and new information provided on the right.  This makes sense because of the way traditional texts are read, but I will be able to use this information when organizing my blog.  I also must wonder how a reader is affected if the roles are reversed.  Does this grab attention or confuse and put off the audience? 
I also thought it was intriguing to think about the real versus ideal in the presentation of ideas.  I never questioned why the log in was at the top right corner, nor did I ever think it was a subliminal tactic used to get more people to sign up for the website.  When designing my blog I will be able to use this information to try and gain more followers and responses.
The section about appealing to emotions and visual arguments will be extremely useful when I go to create my video.  I have been thinking a lot about what tactic I would like to use, and if I can manage to pull in both an emotional appeal and a video sequence I think I will be able to create a strong video.

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