Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chapter 4 Jones & Hafner

Traditional reading styles are interesting when applied to online spaces. The concept of given information and new information really make me want to reconsider my blog's layout. I have a huge section of text in the middle, with no information sorted between the left and the right. It's a space that is rooted in a paper reading style, rather than an online space. This text really changed the way I thought about writing online.

I also thought the way that advertisements on websites that seek to sell things work was brilliant. I do want to know if this trend in design was because of research into psychology or if one site created it popular and others copied until humans were just so used to the formatting that we just expected to read things in this formatting. The example of Chanel's website was helpful to visualizing everything. It really exemplified the difference between ideal and real.

The idea of framing a video to attract interest is really interesting to me, especially given that in my literacy and technology class we are extensively discussing camera shots and how the audience will interpret things differently based off of these shots. Our argument is truly multimodal because we now have to consider tone, image, language, narration, text, speed, lighting, and camera shots. All of qualities need to be ideal to portray our message accurately.

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