Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chapter 4: Jones and Hafner

The biggest thing I took away from this chapter was the case study because it catches my attention in all of the chapters we have read. I am also very interested in photography and digital pictures. They make many strong points about how digital images are cheap, immediate, can be cropped, and shared. These are the reasons why blogging and "vlogging" and phones and text messaging are the means of conversation and how we live now. Most people have a camera or a phone or a computer. We can take a picture on any of these 3 devices and now cameras even have wi-fi! That's nuts. We are in an ever-changing world and we will never be able to go back.

Sometimes we use print like books and newspapers, but only if needed. I know that I rarely ever pick up a newspaper because I can find it all in the palm of my hand. I can also take a picture of something important I want to remember to write about later.

As a future teacher I love that taking pictures and printing them out has become almost an instantaneous occurrence because when I want my children that aren't so talented in drawing to have pictures or a way of expressing themselves they can take pictures of themselves, others, and things they are writing about to put in their books. As they say in the book, it has lead to a development of new literacy practices. We all are drawn to pictures and illustrations before we are the words because they are bigger, brighter and bolder. The digital world is competition for the print world because they have to keep up in wowing their audiences, too.

This used to be a media that was only available to the people that knew how to use it and had a camera where as now it is available to anyone who can get their hands on a camera for a minute and a computer. Now, there are both in most schools and there are also cameras that are almost as good or better than an actual camera so it makes no difference. It is changing the world we are living in, for sure.

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